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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  October 2, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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city council meeting. this as protesters march through oakland to city hall where they plan to make their voices heard. ktvu's paul chambers is following the crowd and just spoke to city leaders about the rule changes for tonight's meeting. paul-- >> reporter: we were inside a few minutes ago but you can see there's quite a few people outside very upset and very angry. this has been going on for nearly half an hour. but about 40 minutes ago this was the scene. >> let them in, let them in. let them in. >> reporter: city leaders closed the doors and the faces of dozens of people who wanted to voice their concerns about alan blufford the 18-year-old that was shot and killed by oakland police back in may. today many of those supporters marched to city hall. >> our thing is not to take over city hall. we want to make sure that the city hall is aware of my son's death and are doing something
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about it. >> the balcony and gallery are close for security reasons. >> reporter: now it was two weeks ago that a group interrupted the council meeting when they demanded to see the police report. council said it was so disruptive they ended their meeting early. because of it, they placed a new laws. once you're in you're not allowed to go back and out. that's the problem going on right here. we go back out here live. you can see there are dozensover people out here very angry asking for justice, asking for peace. blufford's family is inside, we're going to go back in there and you can see there's quite a few police officers out here and a lot of people out here very angry asking for justice. we of course will stay on top of this and bring you cut-ins
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ins throughout the remaining part of the show. david stevenson. police told us a man was found shot to death. and the angle of the bullet wound indicates it was a drive by shooting. there's no more information at this point. police say about 6:00 this morning two young men were shot and killed inside a mini van on 77th avenue by another man who walked up to their vehicle. investigators say there was some sort of altercation and that man that walked up to that vehicle opened fire. relatives identified one victim at 23-year-old robert dell who was the father of a 2-year-old child. two other fatal shootings happened last night near two different liquor stores. an 18-year-old was killed just before 9:00 at mcarthur boulevard and 90th avenue. then about 10:20 last night. a 26-year-old man was shot and
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killed in mcarthur and diamond street. in another incident. a bullet grazed the leg of a 14- year-old girl who was driving in a car on international boulevard. has more details about the string of shootings in oakland, you can also follow us on twitter and facebook for breaking news alerts when gunfire erupts on the streets. developing news now in san francisco where pg & e crews are trying to restore power to hundreds of homes and businesses. the outage was reported at about 4:45 this afternoon and is now impacting the outer mission and noe valley neighborhood. 1800 customers are without power. there is no known cause of the outage. pg & e is investigating a report of a downed wire. right now no word though on when that power might be restored. the milpitas city council has been preparing for an emotional hearing tonight on a proposal to outsource its police services. new at 6:00, robert handa is live in milpitas with new surprise information on the plan. robert-- >> reporter: well, milpitas city officials say they expect
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hundreds of people to show up here at milpitas city hall in less than an hour to debate outsources police services but we learned a decision has already been made. many supporters and critics of milpitas police say by and large the 90 plus officers do a good job with an average response time of about four minutes. we saw that last week when officers arrested a carjacking suspect when he tried to escape on foot to a near by apartment complex. milpitas face as $9 million deficit and -- faces a 9 million deficit and their contract with police ends at the ends of the year. >> we ended up outsources street maintenance. >> as you know, there was uncertainty about job loss. where do you we from here as a police department? >> reporter: but we have learned the sheriff on the eve of tonight's city council
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meeting on the issue decided not to submit a bid. sheriff lori smith says milpitas was rushing to get a replacement agency in by january 2nd and she was concerned the public did not have enough time to weigh in on such a big change. >> the implementation date was very close. but the most important thing is that what does the community want? does the community want outsourcing of law enforcement services? >> reporter: the vice major agrees. >> i think, forgive me but this is too important an issue to be left to the politicians and i'm one of them. >> reporter: tonight's meeting is now essentially mute. it sets up some tense labor negotiations between the city and police officers. live in milpitas, robert handa, ktvu news. new at 6:00, office reports were released in the death of bret olson. the cal poly student who disappeared while tubing in
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chico. his body was found at the edge of the river. the office detected the use of cocaine and quote acute alcohol intoxication. the report says bret olson died of asphyxiation due to drowning. that incident happened september 26th at park side elementary school. the girl managed to escape. bradley mosack is facing charges in another incident in daly city at washington elementary where he's accused of taking pictures of several 9- year-old girls from inside a restaurant stall. play off baseball is coming to both sides of the bay and in oakland it comes as a pleasant surprise to many fans who are now scrambling to get their hands on some tickets. ktvu's eric rasmussen is now live. >> reporter: i can tell you
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there are play off tickets still available. everyone though the a's yet not know who's playing or when. if you can see the line behind me looking through the crowd. you can see the walk up crowd for today's game. it is an important one. the a's still have a shot to win the division if they can beat the texas rangers tonight and tomorrow. either way, fans say this season sends the message that the a's can thrive here in oak ran -- oakland. when the a's clenched the play off, new mom jenesa was in the stands. and she says she only missed one game, when she gave birth to her daughter. >> keep them in oakland, the fans love them here. >> the fact that they are doing better this year, there's more interest, more excitement. it's pushed the stadium issue to the front of the agenda.
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>> reporter: season ticket owner chris is one of many pushing for the new stadium. >> i didn't expect to be here this year. next year i did expect it but not this year. >> reporter: on stub we found play off bleacher seats for as little as 39 bucks. a similar seat was closer to 130 or more in san francisco. but a's fans say they are used to being the underdogs in more ways than not. >> we sweep the yankees four games and they say what's the matter with the yankees they don't say what's up with this oakland team. >> you still can't get any respect. nothing. >> reporter: and i just checked again, there are still tickets available for tonight's game. the a's say there are many play off scenarios to be worked out. but there are still play off scenarios whether they play on friday or during the weekend. eric rasmussen, ktvu news. the pain at the pump increased overnight. aaa said gas prices went up 4-
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cents in san francisco, 2-cents in san jose and 3-cents in the east bay within the last 24 hours. the resource is the continued outage of a pipeline and a problem at a refinery in southern california. they also say prices have been about 10% higher ever since the august 6th chevron refinery fire in richmond. silican valley's juniper networks will follow through with plans to cut hundreds of jobs. the sunnyvale company confirmed they will cut 500 positions. it's part of the price cutting plan announced in july. no word on how many jobs will be here in the area. the campbell city council could finalize the annexation of a small piece of land. it is tucked neatly between
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campbell and san jose but had previously fallen under the jurisdiction of san jose. tonight a tentative date could be set for next may as the date cambrian36 can officially call itself campbell. the city owes about $4 million to the california public employees retirement system other while known as calpers. the city will save about $700,000 in interests by taking out a new loan at lower interest rates and then paying off that debt now. california secretary of state debra boeing was in the area to thank two long time workers. >> thank you rita for your 60 years of service. would you like to come up? medina began her work with the county's registrar's work in
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1962 after the urging of her brother cesar chavez. there's a huge need for poll workers and people of all ages are encouraged to help out. >> we often urge counties to talk to their high schools because high school students who are 16 and have a 2.5 average can work at the polls and we have a lot of bilingual high school students. boen says she's hoping more voters will jump into the process. with as many as 25,000 polls across the state, she says the state needs an army of volunteers. at this time tomorrow, president obama and mitt romney will be facing off over issues of domestic policy. ktvu will carry this first presidential debate live then stay with us for ktvu channel 2 news immediately after. we are outside walnut creek's largest homeless services program. but why the people who rent it say it may not survive much
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happening right now here's a live look inside the oakland city council chambers where a crowd is protesting the officer involved shooting of alan blufford. earlier they were chanting over speakers they were saying no justice no peace. we have been following demonstrators when they gathered and marched through the city and as we've been reporting. the city council has closed the balcony and the gallery for tonight's meeting. we've also learned about 50 protesters have been locked out of the chambers. the council is set to discuss tougher rules for members of the public who attend these
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type of meetings following some outbursts in recent weeks. it provides a lifeline to the homeless who need help in contra costa county. but tonight the future of the fresh start homeless center is up in the air. there's concerns about who's in position to keep that program alive, rob roth has the story. >> reporter: the program is called fresh start and operating out of that building. it's the only homeless services program in walnut creek but the people who run it are retiring and they're not sure what will happen of fresh start when they leave. many of contra costa county homeless people came here to fresh start this afternoon for lunch. the program also provides free clothes, a shower, services and a break from the streets during the day for hundreds of homeless people. >> i'm looking for work right now and it's helping me out. get a meal in my stomach and apply to all jobs downtown and everything. >> reporter: dill lungey started the program with his
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wife since 1989 and has continued running it with his current wife robby. either of them takes a salary home. >> reporter: the couple has serious concerns whether fresh start will come to a complete stop. the pastor at st. paul's episcopal church which houses the program rent free has proposed having the church run the program. >> serving the poor, the marginalized and so forth is part of what our purpose in life is. >> reporter: the lungies are skeptical the church can raise if money to run it and administer it which is what they've been doing for free. >> it's not a program that can be run peace meal and that's what i'm afraid of. that nobody is going to take ownership of it. >> long term there's going to be a lot of participation from many groups in the area. many people don't want to see this fail. >> again, i hope i'm wrong. >> reporter: the church board of directors is expected to vote next week on whether to
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give fresh start a fresh beginning. reporting live in walnut creek, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. another product recall involving fears of salmonella is in the news tonight. this one involves salmon. public health experts say salmonella is largely a problem of large producers rather than family farms. >> a contaminant at any line of the production gets amplified and amplified and amplified to the point that lots of people can get very sick. >> costco says it will contact all members who bought the product. if fire foundation is getting ready to honor firefighters who have made the ultimate sacrifice. 40 new names were added today to the california firefighters memorial wall. in all, more than 1,100 names are now on that wall.
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an event set for october 19th and 20th will mark the tenth anniversary of that memorial. all right, we've got a nice day out there today. temperatures well above the average record heat today. i mentioned that. san jose sort of the big one. they tied the record at 96 degrees. outside looking for the fog. no fog there right. it's clear. air quality not great either. it's not a spare the air day. by tomorrow things start to change around. let's take a look at the highs from today. we did have a report today in kentfield. we had a record in mountain view as well at 95. san jose that's a big city and that's an old record going way back. they tied it at 96 degrees. those winds they sort of shifted around. temperatures outside right now, 88 in san francisco, 90 in redwood city. the winds are starting to shift but if you look to downtown san francisco and you look at the flags they started to blow on shore. that's an indication that this
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heat started to break. it's going to be hot in some of the inland bay valleys. temperatures around the bay are going to cool because of the fog that's trying to get in. i think the fog will be back by tomorrow afternoon. temperatures along the coast then will cool accordingly because the winds are going this way. winds have been coming this way as you know and they haven't been strong and that's good. because we would have nasty fire weather that was the case. instead we have elevated fire danger, bad air quality but we're not having the crazy red flag warnings. that low pressure sitting offshore is the mechanism for this cooling as it gets closer it increases the on shore flow and sets us up with untypical weather pattern. today was typical but it was hot. 93 in clear lake, 85 in walnut creek. 85 livermore and 90 in
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pleasanton. still nothing to sneeze at. the forecast highs then tomorrow are going to be cooler than today in some places by as much as 20 degrees. and there's your five day forecast right there. with a little bit cooler weather headed for the weekend. i shouldn't say cooler it's what you would expect this time of year. it has been really hot and i'm just so happy that the winds haven't materialized. >> brutal. >> yeah it is. downtown san francisco 90 degrees, probably feels like 100 degrees down on street level. >> yeah, much warmer. telephone customers in the south bay with a 408 area code number will soon have to dial a one before the area code number. that's because an additional area code is about to be introduced. the 11 number dialing requirement goes into effect october 20th. the new area code is 669 and will be assigned to new numbers starting next month. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. we are keeping an eye on that situation at oakland city hall
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where angry protesters are demanding to be let into tonight's city council meeting, also. >> hundreds of nurses in santa rosa are on strike. why they say these negotiations are different. >> these stories and more coming up at 7:00 on tv 36. larry ellison plans to turn his hawaii island into a lab. he hopes to turn sea water into fresh water for organic farms across the 141 square mile island. he also wants to expand the use of solar power and electric cars. ellison says he has a lot of hobbies and the island project is one of them. new limits for public nudity. the proposal that would restrict where people can go bare.
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nudists in san francisco could soon be banned from some public spaces. supervisor scott weiner has introduced a new legislation.
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the legislation is a response to nudists gathering in some public areas of the castro district. last year the board banned nudists on benches unless the naked person first puts down a piece of material to sit down. and mark is joining us, the a's have a lot of celebrating to do. >> they could celebrate again today. if the yankees lose again, they could have the best record of the american league. let's talk about last night, ken brantford nails down the clench. the second lowest payroll in baseball rookie hayward getting the win. >> all of our guys are rookies so we had to put a rookie.
6:26 pm
but they've been so good. this is our place, we're loving it. >> reporter: does it feel the way you thought it was? >> way better, you can't put a word on what this feels like. this is what you work all your life for. for this right here. absolutely. >> meantime the warriors are trying to elbow their way out of the sports news world. bogut their big center acquired last year. there he is with the beard. he's not cleared for contact after his ankle surgery. but he is clearly very anxious to get back into the fray. >> playing nba games since january 18th, 20th so i definitely want to get some of the rust off. we have a lot to prove. we're a team that hasn't made the play offs in a number of years. we have a lot of things to improve on. we have some great scorers yes. we have some great basketball players. we have to be able to prove that together as a team.
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>> it won't be long until we're talking hoops as well. but hopefully it's a long october for the a's and the giants. >> thanks mark. >> thank you, mark. we're live inside oakland city hall. protesters have arrived and city leaders are instituting new rules to try to keep that city council meeting peaceful. >> tonight at 10:00 we will tell you if the new crowd control measures work and what was accomplished during tonight's meeting. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. this is a lot of food for 4 bucks. yeah... think they made a mistake? i don't know - maybe. the fried cheese melt is back for just 4 bucks. 1 of 4 big 4-dollar meals on the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's. open all night.
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